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The history of the appearance and development of the ASIC bitcoin miner.
If you carefully trace the history of the bitcoin miner, we will see that we can divide it conditionally into several stages. The first bitcoin miner was carried out only with the help of central computer processors. With the development of new technologies, the next stage came to replace it: the extraction was made through video cards. Today, the third stage began, characterized by the emergence of mining equipment, which immediately began to gain popularity and many excellent reviews. If at first they were miners called FPGA. After several years of use, everyone changed to more advanced asic miners, which are used safely until today. Of course, the equipment gets better and better every year, but at this stage almost all the capacity of the network is provided by asic miners.

ASIC mining

Since the beginning of 2014, the network is growing. And in the near future we can see the competition of several manufacturers. However, at this moment the bitcoin miner ASIC has no equal.

Surely now you are wondering: “Where to buy a bitcoin miner ASIC?”. This is sometimes a problem, because there is a lot of demand. You can see all the necessary information on your website, where there is the opportunity to see different types of products, study the range carefully, talk online with consultants, read comments from other clients. Therefore, you no longer need to ask the question: “Where are the mining equipment sold?” The cost can be seen in several currencies.

What is an ASIC Bitcoin miner?

This is a special equipment for Bitcoin mining, which is based on chips created for this. In turn, these schemes perform a series of very limited functions. The ASIC Bitcoin miner is an integral type circuit with a special purpose. It differs from another type of equipment, since in its microcircuit it is never impossible to carry out the firmware of the new program. This has both advantages and disadvantages. From the positive aspects, it can be observed that this circumstance reduces the cost of the production process several times, which allows the production of asiki for mining in large lots. The drawback is that the inability to flash again limits the use of ASIC miners.

Therefore, with the help of Bitcoin mining equipment, you will not be able to extract any other currency and perform similar actions.

Types of mining equipment Bitcoin

Each year, as the Bitcoin miner develops, all new equipment appears for maintenance. If we decide to trace the history, we will see that the asik miners of the Chinese company Avalon became one of the first successful chips. In a way, this is a unique product, as it is an endorsement nbitcoin that became the “pioneers” in the production of the latest equipment for asic mining. However, as the years went by, the technology evolved, it did not stop and, replaced by the company, Avalon came to have more successful competitors. Of course, avalon bitcoin is still popular and occupies a good place in sales, but this does not mean that in our time there is no alternative for him in the ASIC mining market. Our store is pleased to offer its customers the purchase of several excellent asicminer models. They are not inferior to the famous bitcoin avalon, and even exceed it in some indicators.

Our store is well versed in mining for mining. Therefore, we suggest you pay attention to the ASIC model, which is called asic miner – 3TH / s. The performance of this product can be seen in the name, we only add that this asik is good because it has a pretty good power. The number of chips is also impressive, there are only 4 of them. This asic mining is well equipped and reaches the customer, equipped with a radiator, a powerful fan, but unfortunately the power supply unit is not included in the package.

In addition, you can request another model, which is also unique and one of the best ASIC models at present is the asic miner – 2 TH / s. The asic data for the miners have only 4 chips inside, but these asik chips are made with the latest technology.

Have a wide range, choose what you need from the best high quality products.

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