Beertoken was born from a group of Friends with common interests, tecnology, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Beer of course.

It is a PoS utility token based on the Mchain blockchain technology.

Beertoken uses PoS technology (Proof of Stake), Unlike the proof of work system, in which the user validates transactions and creates new blocks by performing a certain amount of computational work, a Proof of Stake system requires the user to own a certain number of cryptocurrency units. Basically with more balance you own more stake power you have.

Beertoken History

Thanks to the beers the group does not care if the candles are red or green, they are holders and they will last until they can buy Lambos and park them on the islands, they will build on the Moon

As owners use to tell:

“Our journey has begun in the telegram group of our beloved Stellite – XTL (now: Torque – XTC), that’s where the #drunkhardholders were born. Between one beer and the next one, we created an elite drunks’ group to find true crypto gems throughout the blockchain universe. During one of our drunken times we discover brilliant technology, we found Mchain, the perfect ecosystem to execute the Beertoken project, the rest of the story will be written with you, so enjoy and open a beer”

Mchain Technology

All this has been posible thanks to this intelligent tourist destination blockchain, which opens the door to diffrent technological details and applications that will be used; like trading, merchandising and betting.

A wide viriety of applicatios within the Mchain enviroment that beertoken will adopt for holders to use and enjoy.

About Beertoken

Yearly token rewards

  • 1st year: 1000%
  • 2nd year: 100%
  • 3rd year: 50%
  • 4th and above years: 10%
  • Ticker: BEER
  • Max supply:
  • Type: PoS Mrc-20 token
  • Pre-mine: 1%

Everyone would be able to get tokens and stake those to increase their balance

How to get beertoken?

The distribution will be done mainly through campaigns published on their Telegram channels.

Users just need to be active and participate to be able to recieve tips & rains from Beertoken team, channels Admins and also community itself.

An intelligent way to keep active community members and supporters to the Project.

Dont’t miss it, as soon you participate, the sooner you will get BEER!!!

In Clonclusion

Beertoken is an enthusiastic Friends group Project, that want to share it with everyone interested in blockchain technology and of course in BEER.

In fact they invite the entire cryptocurrency and token users community to contribute with new ideas that can be integrated into Project. Blockchain applications for daily life issues generating revenue to keep Project growing.

Oficial Site:

Twitter: Beertokenorg

Telegram Spanish channel:

Telegram English Channel:

Telegram Brasil:

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