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At this moment we are noticing how the world is constantly changing, more than ever in this current year. Of course, investment and trading sectors are not unaware of this evolution. The first revolution happened many years ago when transactions became digital, thus making unneccesary to go at the Stock Market building to operate with them.

We are living actually two big revolutions in this sector: in the first place, we have automatic operations plus the bot trading and artificial intelligence (AI), that gathers now the 40% of the operations (according to the data from “”). In the second place, there is the cryptocurrency revolution and the unstoppable rise of the “Tokenization” phenomenon.

Therefore, Cryptominningroup (CMG) launches the 3.0 version of it’s investment ecosystem for automatic trading.

What is CMG?

CMG is a company that has developed the platform with the same name, with the objective of managing the whole ecosystem of investment and trading.

We can count with the serenity to verify that the company is registered in United Kingdom with headquarters in Spain too. So the legallity of the company is covered by the european legal security.

CMG’s core activity.

CMG is a company concentrated on trading in the FOREX market. The FOREX market is the biggest one in the world with the best options in market liquidity, and it’s where every foreign currencies’s changes are being managed worldwide.

To operate in this market is innovative because it uses an hybrid system wich combines experienced traders; with semi-automatic trading systems using trained bots with artificial intelligence. In this way, the whole system remains in a state of self improvement and evolution to adjust and increase the profitability.

The detailed operative – Differences between CMG and the competition.

As we told above, CMG operates in the FOREX market, wich has great options in market liquidity and the operations are made on foreign currencies. Other companies that may offer similar services are said to be dedicated at arbitraging platforms with multiple actives in them, wich it reduces the market liquidity and the chance to multiply the number of operations in case the platform grows in size.

When you work with other platforms from the competition, their modus operandi is to developt a complex system of changes where the track is lost and it stops the control of the profitability. When you deposit cryptocurrencies in the platform, they turn them into anotations in dollars, and the whole information is referrenced in dollars. Later, at the moment where the costumer wants to withdraw their money, the exchange is realized again to the selected cryptocurrency; with the risk of being exposed to bigger losses: in the first place, because the consecutive changes diminish transparency to the operations; and in the second place, our profitability will depend on several uncontrollable factors, like the value between BTC and the dollar.

Therefore, CMG wants to simplify the operations and give it a bigger transparency, completing the whole circuit with Bitcoin. Since the money is deposited until the payments arrive, we are always working on the platform with reference to Bitcoin, so the profit is always coming steady and it won’t be affected by the possible volatility of Bitcoin’s prices.

More opportunities for profit.

In the design for the business model, the percentages of return wich are dedicated to each budgetary party, are already established. And in the case of CMG, a part of the profit is reserved for membership policy and above-mentioned network.

distribucion crypto mining group

Bono directo de participación → Participation’s direct pass.

Comisión de la compañía → Company’s Comission.

Fondo de Garantia → Guarantee Fund.

Circulo de Amistad → Friendship Circle.

Usuario → User.

In this way, the users who get confortable with network marketing, can get extra incomes by creating a team of investors, denominated by the company as “Friendship Circle”.


To become a whole ecosystem, CMG has created its own token to interconnect the diverse set of tools wich are going to be developed as the time goes by.

Technical characteristics:

* Name: CMGCoin (CMG)

* Technology: Token ERC-20 about blockchain Ethereum.

* Amount of Tokens: 10.000.000

* Decimals: 8

CMG has already developed a payment method wich works with CMGCoin and it actually allows the user to get access to the Premium Membership of the platform (more levels in deep at the Friendship Circle, more frequency with the payment and other advantages). Afterwards, services will be expanded. Besides, there is the chance for those who are developers and wish about it, to get linked and use this token and its set of tools.


If you are looking for a service that allows you to invest in trading leading technology and AI without great knowledge, and some different elements from the usual platforms, we are facing a highly interesting possibility.

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