Category: Cryptos, is the place you can get bitcoin futile, the freebit coin tap gives away the BTC automated cash just to finish a captcha . mechanical assembly, with which you can duplicate the changed wager with up to 100% favorable position. Envision being able to procure up to $ 10 reliably. A catch not […]

Cryptocurrency myths that you will always hear

cryptocurrency myths

Here you have 8 cryptocurrency myths. Any new improvements that break by present conventions usually invite skepticism. We rode on horses earlier than metallic chariots got here round. Video was thought to kill the radio star. Even the US greenback was as soon as pegged to gold. Whereas we’ve seen Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies making […]

BTC Ring are forever and forget diamonds

btc ring

Enter the BTC ring: It’s 3D-printed, customisable, and has a QR code that syncs the wearer up to the Bitcoin blockchain. If you’re a someone who stands by his or her Bitcoin, there’s now a cryptocurrency-inspired way to seal a marriage transaction with your partner. But unlike a diamond, which stores all the value in […]

What is cryptocurrency?

What is cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency and you ask me? The cryptocurrency is a digital currency. Each year, that money is gaining popularity around the world. Their main advantage is that they can not be falsified, unlike ordinary bills. The cryptocurrency can be stored perfectly in an electronic wallet, as well as transferred to other wallets, but only […]

ASIC Bitcoin miner

asic bitcoin miner

The history of the appearance and development of the ASIC bitcoin miner. If you carefully trace the history of the bitcoin miner, we will see that we can divide it conditionally into several stages. The first bitcoin miner was carried out only with the help of central computer processors. With the development of new technologies, […]



What is a cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency, also known as digital currency is an invention of the internet aimed at eliminating the geographical limitation of physical money. And out of this invention, the world now has more than 3000 cryptocurrencies doing rounds in the market. It is not easy to advise someone where to invest, since it […]

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