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ONIX TECH GROUP, sustainable passive income over time

onix tech group

If you have come this far, you are a person interested in the world of investments. And if you have some experience, you will know that there are two fundamental factors that interest those of us who have already come a long way. One is the ability to generate profits in a sustained way over […]

How to explain what money is for a 10 year old


What is money? The money. Try to remember the last time you asked this question, you were probably less than 10 years old and should have received a vague answer such as “That’s how we can buy what we want.” Your parents and our education system can do better than that, and Anthony Freeman can […]

MasterCard P2P

mastercard p2p

MasterCard P2P. This card has jumped on the P2P movement with its new service, MasterCard Send. While MasterCard has not gone into a lot of detail regarding the technical aspects of the service, we do know that it is built on a P2P-based system as part of the Federal Reserve’s initiative to speed up the money transfer system, […]

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