“NEM started on March 31, 2015, is a P2P encryption currency written in Java. NEM aims to become a highly decentralized form, introducing a new function of block chain technology with importance test algorithm (POI). The NEM incorporates a secure multisig account (multiple signature) P2P, an encrypted messaging system, an Eigentrust ++ reputation system. NEM technology is used in the private Mijin block chain examined by Japanese financial institutions and private companies”.

Extracted from wikipedia

It is quite well established in Japan and is one of the main virtual currencies, and there are also many places where domestic exchanges can be made! It can be purchased with Coincheck, ZAIF.


Coincheck, at the beginning of this virtual currency, you could not withdraw the XEM purchased in the exchange, but now you can withdraw the money as a small coin in the same way. By the way, if you have any problems you can make a request to withdraw from the support.

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