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PEPPER Finance is another of the projects in the ecosystem that continues to create Project PEPS. It offers profitability in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) AMMs.

About a month after the launch we can see that PEPR Finance is still looking for ways to generate revenue through the Binance network. To do so, it has had to make important decisions, which have managed to recover the price on several occasions. In the world of AMMs (Automated Market Maker) in DeFi, few are those that exceed one or two weeks of life.

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PEPR FINANCE has found a good solution to FARM inflation problems. Here are some of the measures that have been taken:

βœ… High APR %πŸ”₯.

This means that if you invest in PEPR, i.e. in all pairs that include their currency. You are going to be able to achieve high daily returns. If you are familiar with the DeFi world, you will know that the APR depends a lot on the amount of investments there are. But even so, Pepper Finance has managed to strike a balance between locking in deposits and generating profits.

pepper finance apr

βœ… Small Circulating Supply πŸ’°

At the moment there is a very small amount of PEPR in circulation so there is no problem of inflation or large whales affecting the price.

βœ… Low Issuance Rate 0.1/Block ☒️

Another thing that helps a lot to ensure that inflation does not occur and cannot be affected by the movements of large holders is low issuance.

On the other hand, this also ensures the continuity and long-term sustainability of the project.

βœ… No layered farming affecting inflation πŸ™…

Farming options have been adjusted to be inflation-neutral. The PEPR Finance project aims to generate income for a long time and for this purpose the farms have been studied a lot and all investments help to improve the price and the power of PEPR in the market.

βœ… Small supply. Maximum 7.777.777 PEPR – PEPPER Finance

With a supply below 8 million, even with little interest from investors a project can be maintained, which in the long run generates profits.

βœ… Governance and strong liquidity πŸ›’οΈ

Governance and being able to have control by investors always helps a project to be much more transparent and respected.

In addition, thanks to all the previous work with version 1 and the changes that have made possible a much more robust and powerful platform and currency; PEPR has a great liquidity that allows any purchase to have almost no commission. This is not the case with many other projects where the impact on the price can be more than 50% in many cases.

βœ… ReentrancyGuard Contract πŸ›‘οΈ

Prevent a contract from calling itself, directly or indirectly. Calling a non-Reentrancy function from another function is not supported.

PEPR Finance has put a lot of emphasis on protection and security, to avoid any kind of hacking or theft of information or currencies.

βœ… PEPPER Finance Is Compatible With PancakeSwap V2 🍰

The change of PancakeSwap has caused many platforms to fail outright or to fail to adapt. In the case of PEPR Finance, they are always one step ahead by offering the latest developments and improvements that the big AMMs offer in order to avoid any compatibility issues and offer investors the best option.

pepper finance masterchef contract

βœ… Audited, Tested and Secure Code 🚧

As we have already mentioned above, at PEPS they take the issue of security very seriously, which is why they have been creating solutions and a complete ecosystem of services since 2017.

PEPR Finance has already been audited, and you can check the results in the following report.

βœ… Audit report


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